There is nothing quite as powerful as the peer to peer exchange. Research shows that the learning process is amplified and the retention of information is integrated seamlessly when young people are both the recipient and educator. Student centered learning creates the space for the young person to assume all the roles involved in their education – teacher and participant.

These workshops can take place in the classroom, outside, at Youth In Action, during school, after school, in our local recreation centers, libraries, or a youth group.

We have a number of workshops that have been crafted and honed as best practices. We are also able to tailor and adapt workshops – we welcome the opportunity to design new material as well.

Please contact Stephanie Nunes ( about a partnership.


— Workshops —
Nutrition on a Budget
Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights
Food Access and Food Desserts
Self-care and Balancing Stress
Organizing and Mobilizing
Identity, Social Location, & Intersectionality
Outdoor Education