Hilda Lloréns


A cultural anthropologist whose research focuses on the Caribbean and on U.S. Latinxs, Dr. Hilda Lloréns teaches in the Dept. of Sociology/Anthropology at The University of Rhode Island. She is the author of Imaging The Great Puerto Rican Family: Framing Nation, Race, and Gender during the American Century and co-author of Arrancando Mitos de Raiz (Pulling-up Myths from the Root), an anti-racist textbook and curricular guide aimed at combating racial discrimination and bias in Puerto Rico’s primary school curriculum. Prof. Lloréns has conducted cross-cultural research with Dominican and Puerto Rican girls in New England seeking to understand their cultural models of success and wellbeing. A scholar-activist, she is committed to empowering youth and advocating on their behalf. Hilda lives in Providence with her husband, her son, and their two dogs.