Identity & Social Location Room

This is a living, breathing installation that explores our many relationships to identity, social location, and experience. A visual archive of these experiences, our Identity and Social Location Room serves as another kind of History book, another kind of classroom. It documents the communities that live at the margins of society, it illuminates the cultures and backgrounds of the youth we serve, and identifies patterns throughout history by examining current tensions around race, class, culture, gender, and religion. It’s an analog twitter.

Humans of Providence

This project functions as a cross section of the human experience, which is emotionally unpredictable as everyday life. A photojournalistic approach to uncovering the human experience, our youth the griots of this story. A city’s most precious capital are the people that live there. By telling the Providence story through the people living here, our youth have the opportunity to weave their own story.

Corridor Communities

This project is a microscopic look at the communities along the corridor of Broad street, stretching from downtown Providence to Pawtuxet Village. This mapping endeavor will give our youth a deeper look into their various communities, organizations, history, and a cross-section of the economic, cultural, and racial nuances of Providence. Using a hybrid of traditional cartography, poster art, infographic, map as narrative, and audio storytelling, the project is a narrative of place. Corridor Communities is an atlas of story.

Youth Grow Providence

Youth Grow Providence is YIA’s youth urban farming initiative that explores food justice, advocacy, policy, and farming education as ways of decreasing health disparities in Providence. We believe that the farm acts as a vehicle for quality leadership development in the promotion of healthy living in their schools and communities. Our building will serve as a test site as youth experiment with vertical gardening, shade gardens, and composting. Using the produce from our building, youth learn principles of nutrition and the art of cooking. Additionally, youth act as stewards for school gardens by working with PPSD Wellness Committee on maintenance and curriculum for PPSD school gardens.


Wilderness Series

If we want to raise global citizens we must give our students the opportunity to see a world beyond their backyard. Many of our city’s youth have never left the state, which considering its size might be surprising, but is actually very common within the population we serve. There is a direct correlation between students who have experienced the challenges of outdoor experiential learning and the transition to becoming leaders in their schools and communities. YIA leads outdoor programs concurrent to our model.

• ‘The Retreat’ up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
• Rope Course in South County of Rhode Island
• Canoe Camping in the Adirondaks of New York
• Backpacking in the Green Mountains of Vermont

Community Meetings

Twice a month, Youth In Action opens its doors to the community, to families, our youth and their friends. We call this community meetings. Sometimes we have guests come through and other times youth lead conversations about the things they face in their everyday. Community Meetings are held on the last Friday of every month, here at YIA. Join us!

Summer Institute

Engagement doesn’t stop when school lets out for the summer. YIA provides three separate weeklong institutes that coincide with programming.