There’s a lot of talent at YIA.
And, we like to share.


Youth In Action offers a wide range of workshops and facilitation
services available to the community.

• Workshops and Facilitation
• Film, Audio, and Graphic Design Work
• Best Practices

*We also offer rental opportunities for meeting space, vehicle use, and residential occupancy
(please call for pricing)


Basics of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
Basics of Final Cut Pro X
Basics of Garageband and Logic Pro
Sexual Education Workshops
Student Design Schools
Cultural Competency in Schools
Restorative Justice
Youth Leadership



Identity and Social Location
Ability vs. Access in Schools
Student Centered Learning
Camera Basics
Building a campaign
Art of Inquiry

* We can also adapt and customize workshops
**Prices vary, sliding scale available

Best Practices
Workshops on:
Youth on Board
Integrating youth voice in Evaluation
Youth-Adult relationships
Avoiding Adult-ism
Peer researchers for Strategic Planning


Rates for Documentation:
• 2-3 minute piece including b-roll and voiceover editing – flat rate, $1800
• Script writing and research – additional flat rate, $1500
• Over 3-minute video – $490/minute on screen

Rates for Graphic Design Work:
• Flyer design – flat rate, $100
• Logo design – flat rate, $500
• Pamphlet/Brochure design – flat rate, $300
• Business Card design – flat rate, $100

* Our rates are 75% of the market rate. This discounted rate is to account for the more time we take than a professional studio in order to involve our youth, who are learning the craft in the process. Clients are investing in a young persons passion and will be ensured a quality, professional grade product.