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Our Team

YIA Staff

Aisha Isabel

Program Coordinator

Aisha with a big smile and a pendant necklace with an 'A' on it.

Alex Lee

Digital Engagement Co-Co

Alex smiling at the camera in a bright red t-shirt.

Ashley Rodriguez Lantigua

Interim Special Projects Coordinator

Headshot of Ashley Rodriguez Lantigua

Carlos Olivio

Program Co-Co

Carlos with a calm face and great curly hair

Chavely Mateo

Executive Strategy Co-Co

Chavely with long braids and a brown puffer vest

Christie Sainterlien

Restorative Justice Co-Co

Christie in glasses smiling slightly

Elliot A. Rivera

Executive Director

Elliot with a big smile and sweater

Jeremiah Olubowale

Development Co-Co

Jeremiah smiling big

Joseph Dasilveira

Program Co-Co

Joseph in a varsity jacket, smiling

Matorma Howard

Program Co-Co

Matorma in red and smiling at the camera

Nyrell Wright

Recreational Co-Co

Nyrell with a big smile and bright red sweatshirt

Philina Bueh

Program Co-Co

Philina smiling in long braids with pink accents

Rahmat Adelakun

Executive Development Co-Co

Rahmat wearing many warm-colored beads.

Sarah Kern

Development Director

Sarah smiling wearing a black leather jacket and large triangle earrings.

Stephanie Nunes

Deputy Director

Headshot of Stephanie Nunes

YIA Board

Ayana Melvan

Adult Co-Chair, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships for Mission Programs, Mystic Aquarium

Headshot of Ayana Melvan

Natalie Biah

Youth Co-Chair

Antonio Diaz

YIA Youth

David Falowo

YIA Youth

Domany Freire

YIA Youth

Headshot of Domany Freire

Favour Bello

YIA Youth

Headshot of Favour Bello

Jay Shechtman

Owner, Courtland Club

Headshot of Jay Shechtman

Maximo Rodriguez

YIA Alum

Tina Meetran

Development Director, New Urban Arts

Tolu Akinrimisi

Treasurer, YIA Alum; Institutional Portfolio Manager, AVP, Bank of America

Headshot of Tolu Akinrimisi

Vethlie Milcette

YIA Alum

Headshot of Vethlie Milcette