Headshot of Bibi Kayoko

Bibi Kayoko

YAB Co-Coordinator


Bibi(she/they) A Providence, RI native, serves as a Co-Coordinator for the Youth Action Board(YAB). YAB’s mission of ending youth homelessness by 2030 holds a special place in Bibi’s heart; due to her experiences as a trans individual it further drives her passion for amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and fighting to end youth homelessness in Rhode Island. For Bibi, the most fulfilling aspect of being a part of YAB is the exciting process of generating fresh ideas and immersing herself in the community and team’s commitment to infusing their work with love and high-energy dedication makes it an incredibly rewarding endeavor for her. On Bibi’s free time, you can catch her dabbling in the realm of art, exploring music, visual arts, immersive gaming experiences and she has a deep appreciation for the intricacies of cinema.