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By supporting YIA, your money is being invested in ensuring our young people can focus on their own development, build leadership skills, and grow into their power.

During the ’22-’23 program year, YIA employed 7 youth as part-time Co-Coordinators to lead their peers in programming and make critical decisions for our agency. Additionally, 53 youth received an average of $1,035 in stipends for their work as consultants and leaders within YIA and in their communities.

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By becoming a monthly donor, you will join our Bug-In Fam, a group named after YIA’s infamous Bug-In tradition. You’ll not only be an integral member of our YIA family, but you’ll also get an exclusive invitation from our youth to Bug-In every year and be a part of it all!

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a group of young adults smiling and wearing tshirts that read "Youth Run YIA"
hand-made posters lying on the sidewalk. one of them reads "Nothing about us without us is for us PERIOD!!!"
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