Our Programs Collective


Collective is where youth gain experience and show commitment to leading and preparing the newer members. Our collective is what holds everything together and creates true accountability for everyone in our agency. We provide 1-on-1 adult mentoring from YIA staff, alumni and allies, who together co-create personalized curriculum and leadership goals.

Two people crouched on the floor organizing photos of city streets covered in snow

Youth-Led Projects

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Ten Young Men (TYM)

TYM supports adolescent male-identified folks in gaining the education they need to prevent domestic violence and mobilize their peers in change.

Beginning in 2017 as the Ending Domestic Violence Action Group in partnership with Sojourner House, the group expanded to partner with the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV). Inspired by their nationally-recognized TenMen program, along with the support of Gentlemen’s Academy, the group became Ten Young Men.

Our Schools PVD (OSPVD)

In the summer of 2019, YIA united with numerous local youth led organizations to form Our Schools PVD (OSPVD), a coalition of Providence youth demanding genuine voice and leadership in decision-making within the takeover and beyond.

New England Youth Organizing Network (NEYON)

NEYON is a regional network of youth-led movements, organizations and projects that work towards collective momentum for progressive education change through a youth voice. NEYON is also the creator and convener of the regional Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) Conference. Multiple members of our intergenerational team are part of the steering committee of NEYON, design team for YLI, and lead efforts for NEYON such as digital engagement and facilitation of small teams.

Justice Cohort

In partnership with MentorRI and the Office Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the Justice Cohort is a leadership and identity exploration program for youth who are being diverted from the courts and justice system, to gain access to power within themselves and their communities. Our youth design peer-to-peer models of engagement, joy, recreation and leadership that integrate this opportunity into the rest of our practices.

Education Equity Policy Consulting

In partnership with Rhode Island Kids Count, our youth work in collaboration with other partner organizations to explore policy within education, co-create solutions and recommendations and activate community through briefings and awareness campaigns.

Mobility Justice / Providence Streets Coalition

Since 2019 we’ve been in collaboration with the coalition to advocate for safer streets for Providence residents. In 2020 we supported and led a full conference workshop and interactive panel at the regional Mobility Justice Conference, and in 2021 we participated in (Park)ing Day where we turned street parking spaces in front of our house into a collaborative community space. We’ve also collaborated on mobility access for our young folks and purchased roller skates and safety gear and run learn how to skate workshops!

Board Members

Another level of Collective is leading YIA’s Board. 50% of Board Members are YIA youth, who participate in decision making. Likewise, YIA’s Board has a Co-Chair model, which is led by one youth and one adult to ensure accountability at the highest level of leadership.

Co-Coordinators (CoCos)

YIA is a youth-led, intergenerationally co-created agency. We create space and expectation for youth to be in positions of power, so they can dictate their needs and lead their work. Our CoCos work as part-time staff alongside an adult supervisor and their peers, gaining job experience while leading and designing all parts of our agency.

Executive CoCos

These youth steer the direction of the agency in partnership with the adult director team.

  • Executive Strategy CoCo supports the development and strategic planning of all areas of the organization, from processes to people.
  • Executive Development CoCo leads the Development & Communications team to ensure equity, inclusion, and youth vision in our storytelling.

Programming CoCos

  • Program CoCos work with our adult team to facilitate all of our foundational programming (Core, Immersion, Collective), along with joy, exploration and rest during our summer months.
  • Collective CoCos lead our programming and projects beyond our Action Groups, such as TenYoungMen.

Development CoCo

This youth works within our development team to write grant proposals, cultivate donor relationships, and participates in all revenue planning and generating activities. They are a part of the Development & Communications team.

Digital Engagement CoCo

This youth leads YIA’s communications and marketing strategy. They co-create all of YIA’s social media and coordinate communications, such as YIA’s e-newsletter. They are a part of the Development & Communications team.

Restorative Practices & Community Care CoCo

This youth works closely with our Deputy Director and Operations Manager to incorporate transformative policies, restorative practices, as well as support with administrative and operational tasks throughout YIA.

Recreation & Joy CoCo

This youth works to uplift and co-create opportunities that center joy, healing, and recreation for the entire YIA community. They facilitate many of our outdoor programs.

To learn more about the outstanding young leaders behind these positions, visit our team page!

Two youth stand at a podium in front of an audience, with two stories of bookshelves behind them.

Workshop & Community Need Leaders

We position our youth in places of influence as speakers, facilitators, and consultants to co-create intergenerational spaces in schools and community centers. This includes school design leaders, environmental project consultants, and professional development facilitators for teachers and community educators.