Since 2017, Youth In Action has offered youth-led workshops to schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Growing from the curriculum and conversations happening at YIA, these workshops serve as an earned income revenue stream, while providing leadership opportunities for youth and spreading the YIA model of social justice education in our region.

Averaging about 2 trainings a month, YIA youth travel across New England facilitating workshops on identity, power structures, undoing racism, and student activism (among other topics). Our youth have facilitated workshops at Brown University and Rhode Island College.


YIA workshops are designed and facilitated by young people and are meant to reach a wide audience. Working with templates, each session is tailored to the client to create a transformative learning experience. These workshops are ideal as professional development for educators, human resource training, diversity awareness, or as an innovative staff meeting or retreat.

Workshop topics include:

  • Identity, Social Location, & Intersectionality
  • Culturally Relevant Learning, A look at Ethnic Studies
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Breaking Stereotypes
  • Organizing and Mobilizing
  • Racism: A Breakdown
  • Dismantling Power Structures
  • Transactional vs. Transformational Relationships
  • Healing Centered Strategies for Youth Development
  • Access vs. Ability in the Education System
Two youth running a signup table outside with colorful stickers

Conferences & Speaking Engagements

YIA youth are ready to present at your conference. In the past, youth have run workshops, participated on panels and presented on topics such as Identity and Social Location and Access and Equity at conferences up and down the East Coast.

A group of youth standing at the front of a university classroom in front of a crowd of people

Youth have presented at Free Minds Free People, Black Communities, the Youth Leadership Institute and many more!

If you’d like to invite YIA to present at your event, please email

Let’s Work Together

Youth In Action loves to travel and share our work across the country. We are available for conferences and speaker series.