Matorma in red and smiling at the camera

Matorma Howard

Program Co-Co

Nyrell with a big smile and bright red sweatshirt

Nyrell Wright

Recreational Co-Co

Carlos with a calm face and great curly hair

Carlos Olivio

Program Co-Co

Alex smiling at the camera in a bright red t-shirt.

Alex Lee

Digital Engagement Co-Co

Stephanie smiling in a clean white shirt.

Stephanie Nunes

Deputy Director

Christie in glasses smiling slightly

Christie Sainterlien

Restorative & Admin Co-Co


Hi I’m Christie🤭 I’m from Haiti I’m 16 years old I’m a junior in high school. I like braiding, I like watching criminal documentary shows, and I love swimming but I don’t know how to. I love documenting my life through photos and videos I love my family and friends. I would say people describe as calm cool collected and smart.

Clementia in a green headscarf and black t-shirt

Clementia (Chayse) Sylvester

Program Director


Growing up around California, returned to the tristate area and continued my studies with the University of Rhode Island, Universidad de La Habana, and Northumbria University. After working in community development globally for five years, I developed a passion for nonprofit service in collaboration with youth. In my spare time you can find me rock climbing, facilitating birth education workshops, teaching myself to bake, or hanging with my cat. I love YIA because I can meld all of my experience and work from a place of joy.

Philina smiling in long braids with pink accents

Philina Bueh

Program Co-Co


Hiii!! My name is Philina Bueh I use they/she pronouns and I am a Junior at Classical High School. I was born and raised here in Providence, Rhode Island and during my free time I enjoy journaling, going to the park, reading, and listening to music. I also love spending time with my friends by watching movies, playing games, and talking/catching up. Listening, observing, leadership, adaptability and emotional intelligence are some of the qualities I like to think I have.

Joseph in a varsity jacket, smiling

Joseph Dasilveira

Program Co-Co


I’m an upcoming content creator and entrepreneur.

  • I like basketball, boxing, and exercise!
  • E-cubed 🎓2024, CCRI Accelerate Student!
  • Goal is to be a better person.
  • I don’t have any talents, but I can make music with a pencil…
Kimya smiling in a white blouse against a verdant backdrop.

Kimya Dastoori

Special Projects (Collective) Coordinator


Kimya (she/her) comes to YIA with a wide range of experiences in both the business and education sectors. She is a proud first-generation immigrant, college graduate, and New Yorker. For her undergraduate schooling, she attended The University of Arizona, where she studied Marketing and Global Business. Since the pandemic, she has made Providence her home and has obtained her Masters from Brown University in Urban Education Policy.

She is aware of the challenges that face communities similar to her own, and is committed to fighting for equity and access for all. ​​She looks forward to doing her part in bringing forth the necessary changes in order to provide every young person a fair chance at opportunity and success, in whatever way that looks like for them. On her free time, she loves to travel and experience the world’s cultures and foods as well as attend concerts and music festivals.