by Rainbow Chen, Brown University ’21 – Bonner Fellow

When I think of what I’m grateful for, I think of the opportunity that I have to spend time and work with Youth In Action, most especially the youth. I’m now in my fourth year of working with Youth In Action and it’s been a wild few years. Every year, I’m always learning about myself and the youth and how I can be my best self to support them. Whether it be through college application support, grant writing, or vibing together (now over Zoom). I always find myself in awe of how amazing our youth are and how much I learn from them everyday. I started my work with Youth In Action as an advocate for student voice, but now I see myself as an advocate for youth “in action,” youth empowered, and youth as our leaders with adults as supporting allies. It is through Youth In Action that I can be who I am today: an education advocate and forever ally in making youth heard and pushing them to the top. I am forever grateful for Youth In Action.